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What Does OmniShuttle Cost?

Rates are based on the zone you wish to go to, for example:
Zone 1 Santa Clara area, Zone 2 Downtown Eugene and U of O Campus, Zone 3 Downtown Springfield.


Zone 1   Santa Clara
Zone 2  
Downtown Eugene & Univ. of Oregon Campus
Zone 3  
Downtown Springfield



Please call 541-461-7959 for pricing to Oregon State University, Corvallis.


If you are not sure which zone you would be going to, please call "OmniShuttle" at either 1-800-741-5097 for long distance or 541-461-7959 if you are in the Eugene/Springfield area for confirmation or rates and to find out in which zone your destination would be located. Please call for more information if your zone is not listed above.


All fares should be considered approximate and from a general area.
All fares are subject to change without notice.